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to be done with him for he wa●s a woman: yet had he been born one he● would long


since have cried himself into ▓a decline.Lacking charm, his pedera▓sty gave him a kind of illicit importance.‘Ho●mme serviable


, homme gracieux’ (Count Ban▓ubula, General Cervoni — what more does one ▓want).Though without humour, he foun●d one day that


he could split sides.He spoke ●indifferent English and French, but whe●never at loss for a word he would put in one▓ whose mea


ning he did not know and ●the grotesque substitution was of●ten delightful.This became his stan▓dard mannerism.In it, he al●mo

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st reached poetry — as when he said ‘Some● flies have come off my typewriter’ ▓


or ‘The car is trepanned today’

ing of old


or ‘▓I ran so fast I got dandruf



f.’ He c●ould do this in three l

women too


anguages.It excused● him from lea

proud to
pay fo

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rning them.He spoke a Toto-ton●gue of his own.Invisible behind the lens it●self th

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at morning stood Keats — the wor▓ld’s sort of Good Fellow, empty of ill intent●i

  • Stunning flexibility

    ons.He smelt lightly of perspiration.C’est ●le métier qui exige.Once he had wanted to ▓be a writer but took th

  • 6 Types of Intro

    e wrong ●turning, and now his profession had so trained ●him to stay on the superficies of real

  • Step on the New Level

    l▓ife (acts and facts about acts) that he had deve●loped the typical journalist’s neurosi▓s

  • Clean Documentation

    (they drink to still it): namely that▓ Something has happ

  • unlimited storage

    ened, or is abou●t to happen, in the next street, and t●

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    hat they will not know about it until it ▓is too late to

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‘send’.This haunt●ing fear of missing a fragment of reality▓ which one knows in advance will be trivial, ev●en meaningless, had given our ●friend the conventional tic one sees▓ in children who want to go to the lava

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t▓ory — shifting about in a c▓hair, crossing and uncrossing of legs.Af●ter a few

?swim.There was, I suppose, nothin●g
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